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公司簡介 About us

Sang Yuan Online Market Inc. (桑源)是加拿大首家集線上零售,線下批發以及中央生產於一體的大型國際貿易公司。通過 B2B2C 的電子商務運營模式,構建桑源自己的物流供應鏈,以「足不出戶,遍購全球」為宗旨,產品業務覆蓋生鮮蔬果、美容護膚、家居用品、數碼電子、零食百貨、健康保健以及嬰幼兒童用品等。公司倉庫坐落於加拿大溫哥華列治文,緊靠城市高速,海運港口,四通八達,交通極為便利。

Sang Yuan Online Market Inc. is the first international trade company in Canada that integrates online retail, offline wholesale and central kitchen production into one operating business. Sang Yuan Online Market Inc. builds its own logistics supply chain through B2B2C e-commerce business model. Our online shopping mall, offers a huge variety of products including fresh fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, kitchenware & home appliances, electronics, groceries, health & lifestyles and kids & maternity products. Our warehouse and the central kitchen are located in Richmond where transportation is convenient with highways and ports near by.


公司理念 Corporate Philosophy


施的影響,更希望能夠取之社會,回饋於社會。秉持其祖父及父親的理念 「 窮,則獨善其身;達,則兼濟天下」,為此桑源不遺餘力的投身於公益事業,積極參與公益活動,承擔其相應的社會責任。

Sang Yuan, named by adopting one Chinese character each from the names of the founder’s

father and grandfather. Yuan, in Chinese, translates to the origin, as a constant reminder to learn from their ancestors, to remain true to their founding mission and never forget their roots in all aspects of life, no matter where they are. The company philosophy is deeply influenced by the founder’s grandfather, that Sang Yuan is dedicated to bring in high-quality products from all around the world to our valued customers and to create differences and payback to the society which raised us. “In hard time, try to seek self-development; In success, try to let others to be benefited” taught by his father and grandfather, the Founder constantly bears in mind the social responsibilities Sang Yuan should be taken on to, thus the company has actively participated in charity campaigns and immersed in facilitating the overall well-being of our community


公司設備 Our Facility


1000ft central kitchen for mass production of delicately prepared meals, innovating on our existing products and developing new menus.


1300ft cooler and 1200ft-freezer run nonstop to ensure the freshness of our products, achieving our goal of fresh delivery from the farm to your tables.



3000ft large-scale warehouse with rows of multi-tiered heavy duty storage racks. A highly efficient warehouse layout maximizes the use of vertical storage space while using a comprehensive inventory management system to keep stocks in our control and enhance productivity.


社會責任 Social Responsibility



Not only do we care about our valued customers, but we also

bare in mind our social responsibility. Sang Yuan believes in the

spirits of “Taken from the society, give back to the society”. Since

establishment, Sang Yuan strives to support our society by actively

taking part in various charities and public services, includes

sponsoring and organizing the “For Children We Care” gala for

supporting the work of BC Children Hospital. Sang Yuan believes

in healthy children are the fundamental element for a healthy and

sustainable future. Sang Yuan also participated as an Elite Sponsor

in the “LIVERight” gala for supporting the work of the Canadian

Liver Foundation and “Time to Shine” gala for supporting the work

of Vancouver General Hospital.

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